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Electric Mountain Bike Hire Pitlochry

There is perhaps no better way to explore to beautiful Scottish countryside than by bike. However, with so many hills to cover, cycling can be exhausting. Fortunately, with electric mountain bikes, you can scale the terrain with ease. So, if you want to explore Scotland while enjoying the great outdoors, here are the best reasons to hire electric mountain bikes in Pitlochry.

What are electric mountain bikes?

Electric mountain bikes offer the same off-road features of a typical mountain bike. However, the electric motor assist can dramatically increase your pedal power. This means you get to go faster on the trails. Furthermore, the added speed means you can travel further and explore even more of the breathtaking scenery.

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At Pitlochry Boating Station and Adventure Hire, we offer a range of Scott Aspect eRide 30 mountain bikes for hire. Hire for a day or half a day; you have the opportunity to see as much of our stunning surroundings as possible.

So, why should you choose a mountain eBike for your Pitlochry adventure?

1. The need for speed

If you’re short on time, but want to see as much as possible, eBikes give you the chance to go faster. eBikes typically reach speeds of between 25 to 45 km per hour. This means you can go further and see more of the countryside and complete more trails in a shorter amount of time.

2. Assistance for the hills

You don’t need to worry about challenging terrains like long hills or steep inclines with an electric bike. This means electric mountain bikes are suitable for all abilities. Whenever you need a little rest, your pedal assist will help to boost your speed and reduce the impact and stress on your knees and muscles. This means you can ride for longer, with fewer ‘get your breath back’ stops!

3. Good for your health

The stunning nature and fresh Scottish air will undoubtedly make you feel good; however, cycling through the countryside with an eBike is great at improving fitness. In fact, studies show that an electric bike is just as good as a regular bike for improving your fitness levels. Furthermore, you’ll definitely deserve that hearty pub meal of afternoon tea after a trip through the Highland trails!

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Hire Prices

Hire one of our Scott Aspect eRide 30 featuring proven electric assist technology in a comfortable off-road package. With an integrated battery, and powered by a 500wh Bosch drive system, the Aspect eRide will give you hours of trail riding energy. Including Helmet & Repair Kit

8 Hours - £50.00 (9am-5pm)

Our E-Bikes are only available for Adults